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CreativiU Elite Is The Fast, Fun, & Convenient Way To Learn How To Create Impressive Cake Decorations… You'll Learn:

Smooth Buttercream And Piping Skills

  • Get sharp edges always
  • Clean & neat piping
  • Perfectly leveled cakes
  • Make flawless roses
  • Sculpted buttercream

Flawless Fondant Cakes

  • Avoid cracks & mistakes
  • Round & square cakes
  • Time saving techniques
  • Creative textures
  • Sculpted fondant cakes

Eye-Popping Toppers

  • For all skill levels
  • Birthdays & Weddings
  • Themed toppers
  • Creative styles

Cake Sculpting And Airbrushing

  • Master cake sculpting
  • Museum-worthy cakes
  • Realistic or whimsical
  • Artistic airbrushing

Smooth Buttercream And Piping Skills

Learn to make perfect buttercream cakes and improve your piping skills even if you have the worst shaky hands. You'll get perfect sharp edges, and piping skills so good you'll be able to write poems on your cakes or make flawless roses and understand how to use all piping tips.

Flawless Fondant Cakes

Learn to make errorless fondant cakes consistently; How to cover round and square cakes, how to knit fondant to perfection and get the right thickness, how to fight humidity and avoid air bubbles, pleats, cracks and bumps. Save time and materials when making impressive and elegant fondant textures.

Eye Popping Cake Toppers

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced decorator, you'll learn how to create the perfect, attention-grabbing cake topper. You will be able to create unique figures, ideal for any occasion; kid's parties, baby showers, weddings, bachelorette parties and more!

Cake Sculpting And Airbrushing

After a few hours of learning you'll be creating museum-worthy cakes that will make you feel proud of your creations. You will get essential skills for creating realistic looking and whimsical cakes like ganaching, carving, modeling fondant, painting, mixing color, applying shadows and so much more!


"It's Like NETFLIX For Cake Decorators"

As a CreativiU Elite member, you'll get instant ON-DEMAND access to our entire library of cake decorating AND other crafts scientifically-created learning procedures (a.k.a. super courses). These step-by-step instructions will help you turn on your creativity like a switch, so you can create unique projects you feel proud of consistently. Here are a few samples:


Private Mastermind Groups For Q&As

As an Elite member, you get access to our private mastermind groups where you get to brainstorm ideas, ask questions and interact with instructors, fellow members and other industry leaders. We basically put together the brightest minds in cake decorating in one private group to help members achieve their true potential receiving personalized support from the best of the best! Some students have even said that this feature alone is worth the whole membership.

  • I've never been able to get fondant on a cake nice and smooth until I watched the new video on the CreativIU site. This isn't perfect. It's my first attempt. But, LOOK at how GOOD the FIRST attempt at the upside down method turned out! I covered the seam with the flowers. The client ADORED this little strawberry cake. I love the videos! Thank you!
    Name Sara Alton CreativiU Elite Member






  • Q.When does the class start?

    A.Whenever you want! The courses are available inside your account and it never expires as long as you are a member. You can watch and ask questions from wherever you want.

  • Q.How long will I have access for?

    A.You will have full access for as long as you are an active member. Your membership stays active when your billing is up to date.

  • Q.Will I be able to ask questions?

    A.Yes! you will be able to interact with instructors and get personalized answers to your questions inside our virtual “class room”

  • Q.How do I access the courses?

    A.After you complete the registration process, you will be directed to your account immediately. After that, any time you want to get back into your account you just need to login at creativiu.com with the login details you select in your registration process.

  • Q.How much is it?

    A.When you sign up today you will get and entire year of access for just $1. It then renews at $79 until you cancel.

  • Q.What else do I get?

    A.Earn points for interacting and then exchange them for supplies from our shop. This is full access to the Elite Rewards program.