If You'll Give Us Your Honest Opinion We'll Give You This Awesome $246 Led Light 6mm Hook, Classes & Patterns Bundle FREE!

This Led Light Hook will help you crochet at nights like it was daytime. Includes 7 day free trial to CreativiU Elite (unlimited classes) for you to always feel proud of your Crochet - Just $7.95/mo if you keep your membership.

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Who are we?

We’re CreativiU, your one-stop shop for learning about creative crafts and activities and our mission is to double the skill level of one million crafters and artists in 5 years on multiple languages and create the most helpful tools for crafting!

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Fellow Crocheter,

Your opinion is valuable.

How valuable?

Well today it's worth at least $246 because we want to give you this bundle free, with a "catch".

Look it over, use it and tell us what you think.

Then keep it FREE forever. Only postage applies.

Fair enough?

  • Material: Plastic
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Durable light
  • Hook size: 6mm (0.23inch)
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Estimated Delivery: 25 - 50 Days.

Plus You'll Get Immediate Free Access to a Premium Course: 20 Minute Lace-up Ballet Slippers  ($97 Value)

Instructor Karelle Levy provides the ideal pattern for quick and easy customizable ballet slippers.

You will ALSO Get a 7 Day Free Trial to CreativiU Elite (ALL of Our Premium MasterClasses) That Will Teach You The Techniques to Read And Execute Any Pattern Perfectly

For $0 today and only $7.95/mo if you decide to keep it after your trial.

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BUT THAT'S NOT IT... You will ALSO Receive 11 Premium Crochet Patterns That Usually Sell For $12 Each (Free For You Today)

  • Pattern #1: Stylish Sun Hat to Show Off Your Modern Crochet
  • Pattern #2: Crocodile Stitch Fingerless Gloves to Make a Quick Trendy Item
  • Pattern #3: Heart Melting Classic Ripple Stitch Toddler Dress
  • Pattern #4: A Chic Cardigan/Sweater to Elevate Your Crochet to Pro Level
  • Pattern #5: (The Perfect Gift) Traditional Irish Doily
  • Pattern #6: Embossed Cute Floral Bohemian Shoulder Bag to Walk With Style
  • Pattern #7: Get Instant Expert Status When You Make This Easy Cozy Croc Stitch Hat
  • Pattern #8: Garden Square Baby Blanket
  • Pattern #9: Eye-Catching Shawl So You Can Be Warm And Look Amazing
  • Pattern #10: The Bohemian Embossed Crochet Hexagon Motifs Handbag
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Estimated Delivery: 25 - 50 Days.

You get all of these for free just please fill out the form you will receive that looks something like this

What You Get Today For FREE...

6mm Led Light Hook: $9 Value

1 Premium Course: 20 Minute Lace-up Ballet Slippers: $97 Value

11 Premium Patterns For Trendy Items ($12 Each): $132 Value

7 Day free trial to CreativiU Elite classes: $0 Today and just $7.95/mo then

Total Value: $246

But you get it for free!

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Why would we give it for free? 1. Instead of spending thousands on boring ads we decided to give away thousands worth of tools, knowing you will love our products and refer us to your friends. And 2. So we can receive honest feedback and improve these tools with the manufacturer to build the ultimate tools kit for you.