Introducing Allicaketor: Sculpting Animals & Introduction to Airbrushing

Discover How to Quickly Sculpt, Cover in Fondant, Create Skin Texture, Handpaint and Airbrush an Alligator (or Any Animal) Cake Like a Food Network Winner


In this class you will learn how to sculpt, carve and airbrush an alligator cake that will surely WOW any crowd and any party. Be the envy of that Facebook group you are part of!

Are your cake sculpting skills mediocre?

You've tried sculpting a bazillion times and you don't see any progress, but you still want to make an animal cake for your kids...

It's not you (trust me, I've been there). The problem is repetition of a bad technique doesn't lead to progress.

That's why I want to introduce you to my new class on animal cake sculpting.

Perfect for beginners and more advanced decorators!

And the good news is....

You don't need to spend hours practicing and tons of wasted material. After studying this step-by-step course you'll be able to sculpt and airbrush a cake faster than you can make scramble eggs (well, maybe not THAT fast).

This class is 100% online and you can enroll from anywhere in the world, you do not need to be in the United States to take this class.

Think you are to busy to take this class now? Think again because you can access this class 24 hrs a day, take it at your own pace on your own time. But this price will not be here much longer!

You'll be the envy of any party or Facebook group.

Here's specifically what you'll learn on each lesson:

Lesson Plan

Lesson 1: Making the Alligator Head +

In this lesson you'll learn how to use rice krispies, foam, fondant and cake to sculpt head out of a template.

Lesson 2: Attaching the Head & Stacking the Cakes to Create the Body +

You will learn how to attach the head to the cake board and stack the cakes to create the body of the sculpture.

Lesson 3: Carving and Shaping Bodies. Adding Hands and Feet +

You will learn how to start giving life to your sculpted cake by shaping and carving the feet, arms and body of our figure.

Lesson 4: Creating Facial and Muscle Definition +

This lesson will teach you how to create the facial expression and muscle definition of your figure using molded fondant and carved cake.

Lesson 5: Coating the Cake With Buttercream +

You will learn how and why to use buttercream to coat your cake. This is a crucial step for properly building a sculpted cake.

Lesson 6: Using Fondant to Cover the Head and Body +

Learn how to properly use fondant to cover the head and body of your sculpture without tearing the fondant apart or getting any air bubbles erroneous pleats.

Lesson 7: Creating Definitive Lines, Adding Eyes and Scales +

Learn how to bring your cake to life by adding scales, skin texture and eye definitions to your sculpture. This step is the difference between having a plain mediocre sculpture and having an award winning cake.

Lesson 8: Airbrushing (Main Color and Shadows) +

Introduction to airbrushing by applying the base color and shadows of our sculpture to give it a realistic look.

Lesson 9: Cleaning and Painting the Eyes & Attaching the Ribbon +

You'll finish up your cake by learning how to create and add the back ribbon of your alligator and add color to it's eyes.


14 days free then $7.95/mo. Cancel any time.

About Your Instructor

Beth Townsend

I have been decorating cakes for the past 7 years. My biggest regret is not having looked for an instructor. It was through a lot of trial and error that I shaped the skills that landed me on The Food Network's Cake Wars (and won). I'm a mother of 4 and full time cake decorator.


  • Q.When does the class start?

    A.Whenever you want! The course is available inside your account and it never expires. You can watch and ask questions from wherever you want.

  • Q.How long will I have access for?

    A.Forever! You have unlimited access to this course.

  • Q.Will I be able to ask questions?

    A.Yes! you will be able to interact with me and your fellow students and get personalized answers to your questions inside our virtual “class room”

What They Say

I'm finally able to sculpt the dinosaur my son Matt has been asking for months! I was struggling with the skin texture and this class gave me absolutely everything I needed to learn.

Susana Cayla, Creativiu Student

Class Materials

1/4" Dowel Hot Glue And Glue Sticks Screw Gun with Drill Bits
Air Brush and Colors Modeling Chocolate Shaping Tools
Assorted Knives Pizza Cutter Spatulas
Assorted Paint Brushes Powdered Sugar Spray Water Bottle
Buttercream Rice Cereal Treats Sturdy Cake Board Base
Fondant Rolling Pin Styrofoam
Food Coloring Scale and Cobblestone Impression Mats
Ganache Scissors